Breakfast & Gourmet Restaurant

If you are looking for a great place to have some breakfast around Manhattan, come by Metro EATS. We are a gourmet restaurant based near Manhattan. We have delicious food that we are ready to share with you. 

Metro EATS is a hidden gem that offers great tasting food for breakfast and lunch. If you love sandwiches, we have been know to have the best sandwiches that you will ever find around Manhattan. Since opening our gourmet restaurant, we have quickly a favorite destination for breakfast and lunch around Manhattan. 

Everything in our gourmet restaurant is homemade from fresh ingredients. We make everything fresh when you order it, so your food is still warm when you order it. And if you want some fresh juice with your meal, grab something at our juice bar. It is the perfect match for any meal. We offer a variety of great tasting food at our gourmet restaurant. So come on by today and see why we have so many loyal customers who keep on coming back for breakfast and lunch. It’s as if they are family. 

Here at Metro EATS, we are dedicated to your full satisfaction. Aside from our food, you will get a warm and friendly environment where you can enjoy your food. We have the friendliest staff that is ready to cater to your needs. Like we said, everyone is like family when they come to Metro EATS. 

So if you are looking for a great breakfast place near Manhattan, we would love if you came and check out our gourmet restaurant. We guarantee that you will be a fan, also.