Restaurant & Deli

Are you looking for a deli where you can get some great tasting sandwiches? Are you tired of all the bad customer service out there and are looking for a restaurant where you are sure to get the friendly service that you deserve? Do you happen to be around Brooklyn, NY? What if we told you that there is a deli, and restaurant, where you can get amazing sandwiches and the friendly service that you deserve in Brooklyn? Around Brooklyn, the place you need to go to is Metro EATS. 

Here at Metro EATS, you will get that great tasting food and friendly service that you crave at our restaurant. Our deli is synonymous for delicious food, comfortable atmosphere and great service. This has been our commitment through the years to everyone who comes through our doors. Today, Metro EATS is a respected name in the restaurant business. We always seek to create a home-like experience from the comfort to the freshness and quality of every food item in our menu. Whether you want to drop in for breakfast or lunch, we have a dish that will satisfy you. Our aim to get you to believe it is possible to eat well on a daily basis without ever having to enter the kitchen. Whether you want coffee, sandwiches, salad or juice, Metro EATS has it for you. Our culinary experts make every meal sit-down well worth the time. If you are looking for amazing service and food, we are the restaurant, and deli, for you in Brooklyn.