Salad Bar & Juice Bar

Are you in the mood for something healthy, something light because you don’t want to feel too full? Well, if you happen to be around Staten Island, NY, come stop by Metro EATS. Here at Metro EATS, we have a full salad bar with a variety of toppings to fill your greens with. Put your own little twist to your salad by adding the toppings and dressings of your choice. If you love salad, then you will definitely love our salad bar. All the ingredients and toppings at our salad bar are always kept fresh. So stop by our salad bar today and make your own salad. Eat it here or on the go. No matter what, we guarantee that you will love the food and friendly atmosphere, here at Metro EATS. 

You know what would be great with that salad? What would go better with salad than juice? Here at Metro EATS, we also have a juice bar at our restaurant. We have a wide variety of concoctions made from fresh fruits. Our unique blend of juices are flavorful and healthy. You will be amazed how good our juices tastes. If you are looking for a great place to get some juice, our juice bar will be the perfect choice. If you are in Staten Island, we would love you stop by and checked us out. 

At Metro EATS, we have a wide selection of great tasting food on our menu and our staff is always smiling, and will make sure that you forget the stress of your day with our smiling service. So come by Metro EATS and try us out. We look forward to serving you.