Teriyaki Food & Coffee

Welcome to Metro EATS. Located near Bronx, NY, Metro EATS is the perfect place to go to, for people who want to start their day right with a nice breakfast or lunch. Our restaurant provides our customers with a friendly and professional atmosphere where they can enjoy their food.  We understand how hectic the day can get. The least we want to do is help you get your day started right with delicious food and friendly service that will put a smile on your face. Let us provide you with a place that you know that you will get the best service possible and come to Metro EATS today. 

We welcome every one to try out the amazing food that we serve here. We have teriyaki food, sandwiches, salad and more. Enjoy your food with a cup of coffee or something from our juice bar. Let us cater to your needs by offering professional, friendly service. Great service is hard to find these days, but you will definitely find it when you come to Metro EATS. 

There’s a reason why we are quickly becoming a popular destination for those in the Bronx and its surrounding areas. From our teriyaki food to our wonderful coffee, you are bound to get your day started right when you come to Metro EATS. There is nothing better than starting your day with amazing food and quality service that will make you feel special. So whether you come in for teriyaki food or coffee, you will always get amazing service when you come to Metro EATS.